From minimal to maximalist designs, we dabble in everything. The secret piece that remains essential throughout the process is storytelling. At the helm of Kohl House Design, is Kajol, our founder and creative director who believes each brand is like a person with a personality of its own. And with branding done right, people should be able to relate to it, like they relate to a loved one.


Every brand has a story to tell to the world, and we help you do just that! 

So, it's only apt that we enjoy watching period dramas & mysteries. Their compelling story telling style is an aid to our practice & constantly inspires our work.


Kajol's other muse is the reality, and the habitat around her. Having lived in spaces blooming with nature, there is always something to learn, from the birds, the trees and always a hidden detail waiting to be found!


Our inspiration tailors to the sweet spot between aspiration & reality. Helping us cater dream-like branding & packaging for boutique, handcrafted & luxury businesses.

Meet the team:

Kajol Mehta

Founder & Creative Director

Aahana Mehta

Content Writer


C.E.O (Chief entertainment officer)

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