About the project

Organic coconut essentials straight from the farms of Sindhudhurg.

The Objective: A brand personality that's bold and refreshing in the organic food market.

The Outcome: The graphics take inspiration from all of Sindhudurg's exotic fauna, in an

attempt to create awareness about the hidden biodiversity of the source of Good Graze's products.

Combined with coconuts, the graphics create a tropical look, which is once again inspired by the coastal region of Sindhudurg. 


Year: 2020

My experience working with Kajol has honestly been the best. She understood my vision for the brand from the get go and delivered beyond my expectations! I say this time and again, Kajol gave Good Graze it's soul and I can't imagine not having her as an integral part of the brand forever! There are times when maybe I can't trust my gut, but I do know I can always count on her to do what is right for Good Graze.

- Ruta Kamat, Founder